About Us

Anita Kauffmann and Sarah Burrows live on properties in the Northern Tablelands of NSW. Their families consider themselves custodians of their land, producing naturally reared cattle and sheep in a sustainable low-stress environment.

Red 8 Produce began when Anita and Sarah wanted to save their animals from the stress of transport, saleyards, feedlots and traditional abattoirs and allow them to live their whole life on the farm. They identified that the quality and worth of their animals was being lost in terms of weight, bruising, and stress.

If they could bring an abattoir to their own farms, they would produce higher quality, additive free meat, which has been processed ethically, sustainably, with full and open traceability and reduced supply chain inputs. They would have less costs and get a higher price for their stock.

Anita and Sarah developed a unique and nimble, commercially compliant mobile abattoir system to provide consumers with high quality, sustainably produced meat direct from the farm.

Red 8 Produce believes in the importance of vibrant local communities, employing local staff and supplies and rewarding farmers for growing naturally reared animals on sustainable farms.

The infinity symbol in our logo is a visual representation of this continual cycle of like-minded people working together to supply ethical and sustainable products.