Our Produce

For thousands of years farmers have eaten their own produce by choice.

Outstanding quality meat comes from fat and happy animals. We love that our animals live naturally in open pastures with shady trees and clean water. We want all animals to live this way, we want them to have a great life and an easy, stress-free end.

Farmers know that well treated, well fed animals with no ‘food miles’ make naturally tender and tasty meat. It makes sense that great quality animals who live their whole life on a sustainable farm give you unbelievably delicious meat.

GOLD8 meat comes from premium breeds of livestock, raised by producers who fit within our strict criteria around welfare and sustainability. They adhere to best practice industry programs and don’t use hormone growth promotants or prophylactic antibiotics. Then we bring in the RED8 system to make sure there is no live transport and that the meat is stress-free.

It is better for the animals, the producer, the consumer and the planet.